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Narcissist Rock

"Irreverant Anono-Narci-Mono Psuedo Singalong Prepost Unfolkrock"

as defined by Michael Killian and Danielle Maes

A genre of dramatic music characterized by exaggerated vocal vibratos, excessive foot stomping, random storytelling of anonymous characters, narcissistic extensive monologuing, pseudo self-hatred, purposeful disregard for playing in tune (must possess own unique tuning), staged instrument destruction, and notorious (usually unsolicited) extensive encores, which may or may not include random acceptance speeches. All of the above is without regard to audience size.

Below are some key notes to study if one wishes to possess a more thorough understanding of the genre explained in the previous message:

  1. Takes credit for other musicians’ work, but usually only people they personally know.
  2. Often accuses other artists of ripping off their lyrics, when, in fact, they themselves have ripped them off.
  3. Tend to provide supportive roles to other narcissists, known as "Star Spotting".
  4. Known for claiming to have solely invented the genre.

A few extras...just for fun

One who suffers from random spurts of narcissism.
A narcissist who strategically undermines and steals attention from other narcissists.
One who sets out to utterly destroy/devour all narcissists. Note: need not be a narcissist to eat narcissists.
Female condition of narcissism.
Organized, methodical, and sometimes maniacal group narcissism. In short a Narci co-op.
A rare condition in which the aspiring narcissist lacks certain necessary qualities to fully become an operational narcissist. Sad, really.
A willing participant who seeks to further elevate the narcissist, usually due to having the above mentioned condition- "narcemia". Also known as a "Sub-narcissist Spotter". Equally sad.