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Welcome to our online store! Here we have provided a selection of audio discs for your aural pleasure, as well as our two stellar (and super soft!) t-shirts. If you are looking for mp3 downloads, we suggest you visit Bandcamp.

Indian shirt Wolf shirt
Indian Chief t-shirt. Black shirt
with white print. Regular and
girly sizes available.
$15 + $3 shipping.
Wild Wolves t-shirt
Navy blue shirt with silver
print. Regular and Girly.
$15 + $3 shipping.

Runaways The Scariest Thing in the Dark
Runaways full-length CD (2011).
$10 + $3 shipping.
The Scariest Thing in the Dark
e.p. on CD (2012).
$8 + $3 shipping.
L.P. E.P.
L.P. full-length CD (2010).
$10 + $3 shipping.
E.P. e.p. on CD (2010).
$8 + $3 shipping.
Oh Well
Oh Well full-length CD (2007).
$10 + $3 shipping.