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Sweet Summer Treats

Hello Friends! In honor of our upcoming “Recollections & Premonitions” Tour, brand new Summer items are now available for pre-order! For the passionate and the curious among our followers, we are excited to offer our completely remastered Early Years Collection. Long-time listeners can relive memories, and lovers of Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel will enjoy this tour of our folksy roots. We also have a new T-shirt and our first-ever cassette tape! By pre-ordering now, you can help support our summer tour and make us smile. Thanks!

The Early Years Box Set

Insomniac Folklore “The Early Years” Collector’s Box Set
Features the highlights of Tyler’s work 1999-2008, remastered on two CDs.
Hand-numbered Limited edition; only 100 of these will be made.
Includes booklet with photos & lyrics.
$25 + $3 Shipping.
Disc One:
  1. Sunflower Eyes
  2. Cigarettes
  3. 17 Sure Killer
  4. Terrified
  5. Lazy Train
  6. Bridge Song
  7. Tear Shed At Midnight
  8. Waiting
  9. Beautiful Bloodshot Eyes
  10. Sum It Up
  11. The Days
  12. Another Suicide Song
  13. Upon Awaking (Better Here)
  14. *Grocery Store Love Song
Disc Two:
  1. Dreaming From Another Coast
  2. North To The Future
  3. Bridge Song Part 2
  4. Two Old Men
  5. Hung Over On Life
  6. Ghosts Of Friends Who Are Still Alive
  7. Perfect Relief
  8. And The Rest Of My Life, Amen
  9. Lament (With The World)
  10. Sleep All Day
  11. Grace Is Still Amazing
  12. Prophecy, Prophecy A Dollar A Day
  13. Yet To come
  14. * American Janitor
I heart clouds t-shirt
“I ♥ Clouds” T-Shirt
For those days when climate change has you down and you just want to see
some big, fluffy, beautiful clouds.
White ink print on light blue v-neck shirts. Girly sizes through 2XL.
$17 + $3 Shipping.
“Sleep in Your Car” Cassette Tape
from a special live recording by Eric Funn!
Field-recording style using one microphone, this tape captures an acoustic set we performed during last summer’s tour.
Approximately 38 minutes long. A special treat!
$6 + $2 Shipping.
Indian shirt Wolf shirt
Indian Chief t-shirt. Black shirt
with white print. Regular and
girly sizes available.
$15 + $3 shipping.
Wild Wolves t-shirt
Navy blue shirt with silver
print. Regular and Girly.
$15 + $3 shipping.

Runaways The Scariest Thing in the Dark
Runaways full-length CD (2011).
$10 + $3 shipping.
The Scariest Thing in the Dark
e.p. on CD (2012).
$8 + $3 shipping.
L.P. E.P.
L.P. full-length CD (2010).
$10 + $3 shipping.
E.P. e.p. on CD (2010).
$8 + $3 shipping.