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The Legend

“One fun, dark, twisted, and challenging ride through some equally interesting musical territory . . . one of the more original sounds I have heard in a while.” - Phantom Tollbooth

“Insomniac Folklore has mastered the sing-along acoustic folk ’70s vibe.” - HM Magazine

“The latest to follow Amanda Palmer’s beaten path to Orlando, will come with a chaotic arrangement of sounds, including accordion, violin, guitars, tambourine and … an ironing board? to entertain with theatrics and foot-stomping antics. It’ll prove a lively evening, but if the band should spook you, just remember: The best way to not be afraid of the dark is to be the scariest thing in the dark.” - Orlando Weekly

“Self-described as ‘tantrum folk,’ these musicians from Portland create a delightful cacophony of acoustic guitars and accordions, sounding sort of like a local version of mewithoutYou playing in your basement. As this indie folk party effortlessly dances through songs that are seriously satirical, songs that are outrageously silly, and songs that may be doing both things at once (see ‘Kill A Baby, Save A Tree’), you almost wonder if someone like Reese Roper is involved. But this is mostly the brainchild of Tyler Hentschel, whose fascinatingly deep bass vocals wander the somber minor chords with a resonating reverence. Ultimately, though, this is just a group of friends who want to drive to your town, see some good shows, and jump around.” - Absolute Punk

“If anything, their warm, witty, playfully sardonic songs and sweet, slyly cartoonish stage act were even more enjoyable than I remembered. Tyler Hentschel’s clanging riffs, stomped-out beats and humorously portentous baritone played Ring Around the Rosie with Adrienne Hentschel’s tart harmonies and Amanda Curry’s viscous basslines. Song topics included playing with Legos, arson, the meaninglessness of existence, the best way to not be afraid of the dark and how you should listen to your parents but not the government. Beneath all of the sarcasm and smirking gloom, however, lurked hearts of gold: their finale, ‘Earplugs,’ pledged eternal love and closed with the chant ‘L’Chaim to life.’” - Here Comes the Dumptruck

“We all knew that eventually somebody was going to combine The Ramones with Joan Baez. Well, that time is here, courtesy of Portland-based ‘tantrum folk’ pioneers Insomniac Folklore... The screaming and stomping goes well with the acoustic music, trust us.” - Yakima Herald

“‘What can we expect next?’ Time will only tell what will come of Insomniac Folklore. Whether it is a full band, solo- acoustic folk, or even black metal they can always count on me to be at the shows and to be a fan. Watch your back Tyler.” - Frozen Banana INC

“Insomniac Folklore is a stunning and often wimsical folk explosion based in Portland, Oregon. Tyler or Dr. Folklore as he is sometimes called has been releasing compelling records and exploring the country for the past for 5 year with his unique brand of tantrum folk” - Today In Ashland

“Of course we have to pick of speed and random emotions when Insomniac Folklore took the stage. For me personally I heard elements of both the folk/punk group Calibretto to the weird folk of The Danielson Family mixed in with his (Tyler’s) own unique vocal delivery and passionate musicianship. He crafted music that held his heart and soul, rarely do you hear such intensely personal song-writing - the emotional sleeve he wears cannot be an easy path, but it was amazing.” -Allalom

“In the crowded world of acoustic music, Insomniac Folklore stands out. Their songs are genuinely interesting, Their live shows continually creative and original. Despite seeing them dozens of times, They never fail to make things fun and very rock n’ roll.” - HM Magazine

“Tyler Hentschel hears things in his head... ” - the News Review